Mine in Boca (NO)

The mine is barely visible from the hills of the Park of Monte Fenera. (Photo: Archivio Bordignon)

It's a small mine surrounded by woods. Viewed from the highest hill, the Pelosa, inside the natural park of Monte Fenera, it appears as a small light spot on a green background. This spot is shrinking as the recovery proceeds.
There are no particular difficulties in restoring the green cover. The north-facing slope, which has now been revived, is structured into short terraces that effectively interrupt the flow of rainwater and slow down erosion. Several hundred plants and shrubs, typical of the area, have been introduced. A pond has been recreated and is already home to a dozen species of dragonfly, a colony of common frogs and a couple of mallards. Sometimes illustrious guests arrive, such as the black stork, which nests nearby. A family of Egyptian geese have also stopped by, having surely escaped from a farm.
At nightfall, from the surrounding woods, deer and hares come out to graze, while in autumn-winter the woodcock stays here overnight in search of earthworms.
The recoveries have been harmoniously integrated into the surrounding nature, indicating that the restoration project has had a positive effect.


Technical data sheet

Technical data sheet of the mine in Boca (Novara)



© The treatment plant. In the background, the wine-growing hills of Boca D.O.C.. (Photo:)    © New birch plants (Betula alba) are growing well (2007). (Foto:)

© A pond under construction, designed to host frogs and dragonflies (2007). (Foto:)    © The egg of a common frog, freshly laid on the foreshore. (Foto:)

© The green of the new grass creates a contrasts with accumulated minerals to be removed (2010). (Foto:)    © A sprig of Goat Willow (Salix caprea). (Foto:)

© The pond is beginning to repopulate with aquatic plants, such as the Lesser Bulrush (Thypha latifolia) (2011). (Foto:)

© A sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus), which has caught a hooded crow (Corvus cornix). (Foto:)    © A family of Egyptian geese (Alopochen aegyptiacus) visited the mining pond for several days in the summer of 2009. (Foto:)

© A view of Boca photographed from the restorations still to be sown (2009). (Foto:)    © Boca experiences colorful autumns. (Foto:)

© The autumn mist lends a special charm to the restoration (2009). (Foto:)



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