Mine in Campiglia Marittima (LI)

Aerial view of the mine (2005). (Photo: )

This is a small - medium size mine, with most of its old excavations now covered by greenery. Only the base part, which is still active, shows bare rock. Here, at the end of the cultivation, a beautiful lake is planned, complete with islands and reed groves for birds.
In the upper and middle terraces, the introduced vegetation has grown very well and is one with the spontaneous Mediterranean shrub-land. Trees and shrubs typical of the Maremma have been planted and have facilitated integration with the external environment.
Now the wildlife, thanks to the vegetation cover, has free access to the restored lands. While during the day one can hear the song of shrub-land birds such as the bush warbler and the Magnanini, in the evening at sunset, we hear the trill of the Nightjar and the monotonous song of the Scop. Then, after dark, a keen ear can detect the boar stirring in the undergrowth and the barking of foxes in heat. At the top, there is a balcony overlooking the sea from which to enjoy a picturesque landscape.
Given such beauty, Gruppo Minerali Maffei has a plan, once the productive life of the mine is complete, to equip the area with walking trails and lookouts, to offer it for public use. The route will be very educational because one will be able to appreciate how mankind can use natural resources wisely, without upsetting the landscape.


Technical data sheet

Technical data sheet of the mine in Campiglia Marittima (Livorno)



The sea visible from the mine (2005). Snow rarely falls in winter (2009).    Dalla miniera si vede il mare (2005). Raramente in inverno cade la neve (2009).

The bottom of the mine, where the plan is to create a pond that will allow the settlement of aquatic life (2007).    Having just finished mining operation, the plan is to restore the terrace (2007).

The asphodel (Asphodelus microcarpus) has taken root in restored soil after several years.

View of the restorations made at the top, several years ago, now renaturalizing (2007).    Bay laurel flower (Laurus nobilis). This native essence has been successfully introduced.

Vanessa cardui can be seen at the mine.

A Brintesia circe.    Thistles are much sought after by butterflies.

The European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) can quickly become accustomed to living with humans.    The red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufus) visits the restored environments.

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