The living mines

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This site is dedicated to "The living mines", a book written by Lucio Bordignon, wanted, published and distributed by Minerali Industriali in Novara.

The reason that pushed to deal with the transposition project of the book into the website is certainly the one to release this work and the engagement of all the people who wanted and realized it; but also to underline the engagement of all the people who believe in the environmental recoveries and that daily through their job often not evident, allow and support the achievement.

The transposition of the book has been made respecting exactly the original structure of the work, integrating it with all those parts that allow an update over the time, grouping them in the section “News”. It’s any way possible to download "The living mines" in electronic format and in case ask for a printed copy.


We wish you a pleasant read, confident that you will give us your critical opinion or your appreciation: it would be really important to objectively evaluate our job.



Lodovico Ramon. (Picture: Vera Ramon) Minerali Industriali arose from the merger of two historical Italian groups in the mining sector: Maffei has been active since the beginning of the 1900's and Gruppo Minerali since the 70's. The corporate reorganization process led to a holding company called Gruppo Minerali Maffei, which controls two companies in Italy, one in Tunisia and one in Egypt: Minerali Industriali, Maffei Sarda Silicati, Minerali Industriali Tunisia and Egyptian International Industrial Minerals.
We work in mining sector and produce raw materials for the glass and ceramic industries: in total, the Group employs about 300 people and produces about 3 million tons of raw materials.
A comprehensive approach aimed towards protecting the environment has always pushed Gruppo Minerali Maffei to invest in restoration projects for the exhausted mines to redevelop the territory. Since the Eighties we have developed a thorough program of environmental redevelopment in the exhausted mines, often going beyond what the law requires and recreating environments that have a useful purpose: to host species of endangered animals.
This book illustrates and summarizes the various themes developed in recent years in the numerous exhausted and restored mines and the data collected on each project encourages us to continue in this direction and represents a concrete and tangible example for all of us of the possibility of having industrial activity co-exist with protection of the land.
Minerali Industriali
President, Lodovico Ramon


Lucio Bordignon. (Picture: Massimo Mormile) This book stems from the need to share the experiences related to environmental restoration, which I coordinated on behalf of Minerali Industriali. This book presents 12 restoration projects, each of which represented a unique challenge! Each one had its difficulties and produced its results.
We want to emphasize that behind what is seen while visiting the site of restoration, there was a major intellectual and organizational effort to ensure that wherever there had been an excavation or a bare wall, a plant and animal community can be born. These communities are not only independent and compatible with the surrounding area, but are also useful for the conservation of biodiversity. Each site is presented as a single unit, with a technical data sheet, an introductory text and a series of images that illustrate its natural process: from the first forms of plant life introduced, to the spontaneous succession of various forms of life. Our wish is that the book will serve as motivation to pursue the only direction of present-day mining: the eco-friendly one, repaying the natural world from which we obtain the resources necessary for our existence, not only the capital, but also interest.
Minerali Industriali S.r.l.
Restoration Coordinator, Lucio Bordignon